Spring is Coming!

A yellow and orange colored sunflower

Welcome Spring, even if its a false spring!

Spring is coming! I am ready but not prepared. Gotta order seeds. Gotta figure out planting space. It happens so fast, like most things these days. Hoping some of our saved seeds germinate. Someone posted in our gardening group about the life span of seeds and welp, I learned something new. A lot of somethings new. And a reminder to cold store your seeds. Mine are stored on a shelf across from a base board heater. Whoops. There is much to learn and it can sometimes be overwhelming. But when I bring something from the garden into the kitchen to cook, I'm content. Happy. Last year the hungarian peppers literally grew like weeds. We had more peppers than I knew what to do with. We shared with friends, used some and froze so so many. Also good to note, do not skip the gloves when dicing a bazillion peppers to freeze. So I think I will stick to bell peppers this year and skip the spicy ones. Maybe. We are going to a seed swap, first time!, on Saturday so maybe we will grow some peppers. We will see what there is to swap and then decide. I have 5 varieties of kale I will take, those were not stored across from the heater. I’m looking forward to it. Looking forward to learning. It’s also a potluck so trying to decide what to make. Maybe something with peppers.

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